Do you believe 100% in what you are professionally doing, because i don’t.

Alex Shandrovsky

Do you believe 100% in what you are professionally doing, because i don’t.  In San Francisco everyone including the muni driver is asking for the personal elevator pitch the minute they see me. To be totally honest with you, I feel really uncomfortable sharing that i run a Kosher catering company. I am always trying to offer some exciting Bay Area Techy Crunchy synonym that makes me somehow feel more important or what i am doing more worthwhile.

It is not that i don’t believe in the quality of our food or product. I know that we are currently offering the most quality, affordable Kosher food in the Bay Area, and that we are on par with many of our Non Kosher competition. It is not that i am not moved by positive feedback  from clients telling our team, “your food made the event!” It is just not enough for me. I am called to offer more value.

Everyday i wake up, uncomfortable partially due to a really old mattress, but also due to a deep knowledge that i am not giving enough to my customers, friends and family. The frustrating truth about value is that it is extremely personal. It requires a tremendous self awareness of what i can offer and on the part of the recipient what they truly need.  

Recently i have been meeting with various angel investors in the Bay Area looking to raise money for major expansion. After a few meetings, i realized that i am an idiot, and should stop right away. It is not that i wasn’t able to articulate a clear vision, or receive genuine interest. The problem is that i didn’t know what to ask at the end of the meeting. I wasn’t clear on the evaluation of my company, what funds i was seeking to propel growth and what percentage of the company i was comfortable with offering in exchange. To put it very simply, i wasn’t clear on the value that i could offer, and what value i was looking for back. 

The reality is that this is universal challenge. You may not believe this but you are constantly “selling” ideas, earning trust of your teammates, spouse, children. Are you self aware enough to understand your value?  Anyone who knows me well, knows that i hate philosophy, and inspiration. I value hard work and action. To bring this idea down to reality for me and not just waste the most valuable resource i have, i plan to compile a list of our top 10 clients and have a very raw conversation with them. What value am i currently bringing to you? How can i increase the value that i bring to them by 10X over the next year?

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