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Dinner Menus

What do you love to eat?

There is nothing like a delicious and healthy dinner after the day’s hectic schedule.

With options ranging from classic dinner meals to more Asian-influenced dishes, salads, and vegetables, L’chaim Foods has a Dinner package perfect for you.

The sample menus below showcase just a small part of what our chefs can create. Our culinary team is happy to customize a menu that perfectly suits you.

All Dinner packages are for a minimum of 10 people. (for smaller orders, please visit our Individual Meal Menu)

French Bistro DInner
French Bistro Dinner
Miso Salmon Meal
Japanese Dinner Menu
Texas BBQ Dinner
Shortribs with Asparagus
New York Steakhouse Dinner
3 course plated VIP meal
VIP Plated 3 Course Meal
3 course meals
Individual Meal Menu