Corporate Sandwich Platters

L'chaim Foods Catering


Corporate Sandwich Platters

Specialty Sandwiches

L’chaim Foods 0ffers a wide variety of sandwich options that are perfect for any event. Sandwiches are available on rye, Baguettes or wraps.

Mix and Match from our list of available sandwiches for the perfect culinary experience.

All platters come with a side of Quinoa Sandwich and Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Upgrade to Garlic Fries and Onion rings for an extra $1 per eprson

Basic Sandwiches $7.5 per person

Fish: Albacore tuna salad
Vegetarian: Sabich
Vegan: Falafel, Bah Mi (tofu), Tofu Avacado,
Dairy: Caprese

Premium Vegan Sandwiches $9 per person

Stuffed Portabello Mushroom Sandwich

Chicken Sandwiches $10 per person

Chicken: katsu, Bah Mi (chicken)

Turkey Sandwiches $13.5 per person

Smoked Turkey Breast

Premium Meat Sandwiches $19.95 per person

Stuffed Pastrami Sandwich

Stuffed Corned Beef Sandwich

* sample menu