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Hors D’oeuvres

Passed by waitstaff or served buffet style, the right Hors D’oeuvres can make an event truly magical.

Chefs Mario and Albert have brought their extensive culinary background to the L’chaim Foods Kitchen to bring you a vast selection of Hors D’oeuvres to fit any occasion.

The sample menus below showcase just a small part of what our chefs have recently created. Our culinary team is happy to customize a menu that perfectly suits you.

Bar Mitzvah Reception

Assortment of Fish and Veggie Sushi Including Cucumber, Avocado, and Shitake Mushroom Maki
Mini Quiches With Vegetable Medley
Hoisin Shanghai Meatballs
Panko Chicken Nuggets With Topped with Sweet Unagi Sauce

JCRC Community Event

Passed and Stations

Ahi tuna poke cups (GF)
Salmon poke cups (GF)

Vegan “”unagi”” Nasu Kobayki (marinated eggplant) (vegan/GF)

Walnut and goat cheese endive cups (vegetarian/GF)
Caprese bruschetta (vegetarian)
Crispy wonton Rangoons (vegetarian)”

Jewbilee- Adisson Peznack JCC

North African: Moroccan Bruschetta – Feta, Pickled Carrot, Coriander seed, Leaf Cilantro
Indian: Chana Masala – House spice blend
Latin America: Whitefish Ceviche
Russian: Dill and Roe Deviled Eggs
Japanese: Nasu Kabayaki – Mirin Eggplant Nigiri
House pickles – spicy and less spicy
Mock Chop: Grandma Maxine’s Recipe

Zionism 3.0- Oshman Family JCC

Displayed Hors D’oeuvres:
Sunumono Salad- Bite Sized Cucumber Salad
L’Chaim Latkes

3 Types of Nigiri:
Nasu Kabayaki- Marinated Eggplant
Ahi Tuna

Beef Bacon Wrapped Dates
Bite Size Fruit Crumbler
House Baked Non Dairy Tripple Chocolate Brownies

Hoisin Shanghai Meatballs
Hoisin Shanghai Meatballs
Alaska Roll