Moonshot Thinking- Our Bold 3 Point Plan For Kosher

Alex Shandrovsky

Here is our 3 point bold vision over the next two years to put The Bay Area on the map along side with Paris, New York, and Jerusalem for most innovative, and quality Kosher experiences.

The Bay Area is renowned for its culinary excellence yet in the whole Bay Area there is only one Kosher restaurant which is mostly supported by the business tourist community. We are going to disrupt the market by creating a “traveling restaurant” that will appear monthly in the South Bay, East Bay and San Francisco. These are unique experiences that happen for one night only and then disappear. ¬†Lchaim will establish a new “Dinner Lab” division which will be responsible for these unique experiences. While the pop up in themselves are not sustainable as learned by our inspiration The Dinner Lab’s $10 Million failure,we do expect them to break event and become a sales funnel into our catering. We expect that other Kosher caterers will be inspired by the concepts success and will begin mimicking us. Ultimately resulting in numerous Pop Up restaurant experiences per month in each part of the Bay Area.

Lchaim in partnership with local Rabbi’s will begin a kosher culinary academy. The academy will provide certification for aspiring local chefs who are interested in gaining hands on training and experience in the Kosher kitchen. Crash courses will be provided along with a final practical test of putting on a “traveling” kosher pop ups that will apply everything the chef has learned into action. We have already began discussion with prominent local culinary schools who we offer this as a certification for their students. We know that the field of Kosher cuisine will greatly expand and improve when graduates of ¬†culinary schools like the famed Culinary Institute Of America will be well versed in the Laws of Kosher

Finally the Bay Area is the epicenter of Food Tech, creating solutions to feed a world’s population that will hit 9 billion in 2050. Lchaim wants to make sure that the future of food is intimately connected with the world’s longest continuously practiced diet, Kosher. As an official advisor for Indiebio, the world’s largest biotech accelerator, I am in a unique position to educate food start ups about the incredible value of Kosher certification.

By focusing on “traveling” monthly Pop Up experiences,¬†providing training for the next generation of aspiring chefs, and making sure that the future of food is Kosher, we will establish the Bay Area as an epicenter of Kosher innovation.

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