Upon moving back to San Francisco as an adult, Rabbi Alex Shandrovsky observed a lack of variety in high-quality kosher food available in the Bay Area. Alex believed that increasing the accessibility to fresh, kosher food would foster community, learning, and discussion. In Aug 2013, Alex partnered with Congregation Adath Israel to create Lchaim Sushi. Upon observing an incredible parallel between the values of Kosher and sustainability, Alex reached out to Casson Trennor, Founder of the world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant Tataki, for mentorship. In Jan 2014, Lchaim Sushi became the world’s first sustainable, kosher sushi manufacturer, certified at that time by both the Vaad of Kosher Northern California and Monterey Bay Sea Watch Program.

Staying true to its core educational mission, Lchaim Sushi’s introduced innovative programming that facilitated cross-disciplinary conversations from thought leaders of sustainability, Jewish ethics, and sushi cuisine. Supported by growing interest by the community in ethically sourced and kosher sushi, L’Chaim Sushi expanded into it’s own facility, partnering with Royal Hawaiian Seafood in March 2014.Sharing delicious meals can be an intimate experience leading to trust and community-building.


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Lchaim Sushi. The Only Sustainable Kosher Sushi Provider in the World


L’Chaim Sushi is the source of the world’s first sustainable and kosher sushi. We emphasize using only ethically-sourced, high quality ingredients fused with the divine energy of Kosher.

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Lchaim Sushi is under Orthodox Kosher Supervision provided by Rabbi Landau of the Adath Israel community.



As a Seafood Watch business partner, we are committed to providing ethically sourced seafood.



We exclusively source from Royal Hawaiian Seafood, the Bay Area's premium high quality seafood provider.


  • Alex Shandrovsky
    Alex Shandrovsky Founder And CEO

    Alex Shandrovsky is a member of the ROI Community, and is an advisor to Indiebio, the world’s largest Biotech accelerator. He work in social entrepreneurship has been featured in Haaretz, San Francisco Chronicle and Newsweek.

  • Chef Jagun Ney
    Chef Jagun Ney Head Chef

    Chef Jagun Ney heads Lchaim Sushi, Lchaim’s Japanese catering division. He has spearheaded Lchaim’s growth from the beginning.   He has worked in Sushi restaurants and catering companies over the past 8 years, training under Chef Alex Kim at Baracuda restaurant over 2 years.

  • Casson Trannor
    Casson Trannor Sustainability Consultant

    Casson Trenor is the author of Sustainable Sushi: A Guide to Saving the Oceans One Bite at a Time, a pocket guide that enables consumers to dine with confidence at the sushi bar. In Nov 2008, Trenor founded the world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant, San Francisco’s Tataki Sushi and Sake Bar.

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