Executive Staff

  • Alex Shandrovsky
    Alex Shandrovsky Founder And CEO

    Alex Shandrovsky is a member of the ROI Community, and is an advisor to Indiebio, the world’s largest Biotech accelerator. He work in social entrepreneurship has been featured in Haaretz, San Francisco Chronicle and Newsweek.

  • Chef Jagun Ney
    Chef Jagun Ney Head Chef

    Chef Jagun Ney heads Lchaim Sushi, Lchaim’s Japanese catering division. He has spearheaded Lchaim’s growth from the beginning.   He has worked in Sushi restaurants and catering companies over the past 8 years, training under Chef Alex Kim at Baracuda restaurant over 2 years.

  • Isabelle Dighero
    Isabelle Dighero Logistics Manager

    Isabelle has been part of the catering world over the last ten years. She has worked at the Bay Area’s premier catering companies including Guerilla Catering, and Rebecca Jean Catering.

  • Justin Manon
    Justin Manon Web Designer and Media Strategist

    Justin is a senior developer at Cog1, the Bay Area’s premier digital agency. He is also a professor at Art Institute, lecturing on Database Concepts & Advanced Web Programming.

  • Chef Joyce Ledezma
    Chef Joyce Ledezma Head Kitchen Chef

    Chef Joyce Ledezma has been in the catering world for the previous 10 years having worked at Cheesecake Factory, Rebecca Jean Catering, and as a Kitchen Manager at three Chipotle locations.

  • Rabbi Joel Landau
    Rabbi Joel Landau Rabbinic Advisor and Supervision

    Rabbi Joel Landau studied with both the Rabbi of Jerusalem’s Old City- Rav Avigdor Nebenzahl and the former Chief Rabbi of Israel Rav Shlomo Goren He was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate in Jersalem and is a former commander in the IDF Tank Corps.

Our Advisors

  • Chef Alex Kim
    Chef Alex Kim

    Chef Alex has over 15 Years of Experience making sushi, including working as a Head Chef at Baracuda Restaurant in teh heart of the Castro, and Saru Restaurant. Chef Alex has designed our Japanese menu and continuously mentors and trains our staff.

  • Jon Kaplan
    Jon Kaplan

    After selling the Flip camera to CISCO for $590 Million, Jon founded The Melt, a chain of casual fast food restaurants backed by Sequoia Capital.

  • Noah Alper
    Noah Alper

    founder of Noah’s Bagels and Bread & Circus, has almost four decades of business experience. He is a serial entrepreneur, whose experience includes concept creation, marketing, retailing, food service and sales management.

  • Yanush Cherkis
    Yanush Cherkis

    Yanush Cherkis is a certified CPA with a MBA from Columbia and Haas Berkeley Business School. He has worked as a consultant for Arthur Anderson, and JP Morgan Partners. Most recently, Yanush was a CFO for Zenfolio, one of the world’s leading photography platforms.

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